Indoor Botanical-shield

The COVID-19 has no doubt led us all to focus on the cleanliness and sanitisation of the spaces around us. Although this may be thought of as a temporary measure, the truth is, sanitisation will become an inevitable part of everyday life.
Rakshati Botanicals provides solutions made with botanical distillate and extracts that are multi receptor site agonists and are incredibly potent for disinfecting indoor spaces. Our products are 100% natural, leave no residue and are human-friendly, making them a convenient solution for indoor spaces where hundreds and thousands of people walk every day. We use the latest and state-of-the-art technology to produce each unit and thus does not leave any stains. Consequently, the aesthetic look of the premise is maintained even when it is applied. As sanitisation becomes the new norm, reach out to Rakshati Botanicals for indoor bota-shield of spaces like malls, offices, metro coaches, airports, and homes & flats.