Outdoor Botanical-shield

Mosquitoes can be a huge menace. Not only do they bite you and keep you awake all night, but they also bring life-threatening diseases. In India, malaria, dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya and the Japanese B encephalitis are the most prominent diseases spread by mosquitoes. Dengue is the most common of these diseases, with an estimated 100-400 million infections across the globe each year. The first-time cases are usually treatable, but if dengue affects an individual again, it brings critical risk.
Rakshati Botanicals, we use a proprietary multi-receptor inhibition screening process to find the most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes. Our process helps us identify both, individual and combination of natural oil compounds, that bind to the neurological and olfactory receptors of mosquitoes.
We then create target-specific, G-Protein coupled receptor formulations that attack multiple sensitive biological receptors, and ensure that the vectors do not overcome any resistance. Our products can effectively repel or kill these disease-carrying vectors at all stages of their lifecycle. Our products are uniquely designed such that they target only the selected invertebrates, and cause no harm to humans and pets. Rakshati Botanicals provides outdoor bota-shield for the premises of housing societies, municipal corporations, private farmhouses, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings and offices.